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Certified Life & Business Coach, Entrepreneur, Best-Sellers Author, Mentor, Philanthropist, Visionary and Global Leader, LaKendra Smalley is passionate about getting people back centered with love to live a more accomplishing life. With over fifteen years of coaching experience, LaKendra has developed a keen ability to recognize the various problems companies and organizations are faced with. However, she proffers brilliant solutions to them on how to run heart-centered businesses:

She motivates these teams to maximize their potential, develop alignment and a clear roadmap leading to bottom-line results.

LaKendra is the founder and CEO of the Global Institute for Coaches & Entrepreneurs, Inc., – a Texas-based training facility housing hundreds of Certified Life Coaches from all over the world. Also known as Master Coach LaKendra, her passion is to work with clients who see the need for change in mindset and are committed to getting heart-centered to live the life they want to lead. Moreover, her coaching & consulting approach is informed by reconnecting with the heart through the 7 Dimensions of Wellness.

The journey that led to her decision to take up a coaching career spawns from the inspiration she gets from her mother, who suffered from Clinical Depression. Growing up, she would always follow her mother to the public library and watch her read self-help books to improve her quality of life. Realizing the amazing impact these self-help books had on her mother and how the books helped her conquered unfavorable life challenges, LaKendra became passionate about humanity, psychology and in dismantling trauma and lost hope to create a better and happier life for people. “It’s not how you finish, but when you finish. It’s the character you develop while in the race. It’s when you will see just how brave, strong, and resilient you really are. It is not solely about the FINISH. It’s also about YOUR START, and every second of every decision you will be faced with that will mold you into a champion during the race. So, when you do finish, the place doesn’t matter because you would have defeated every obstacle that stood in your way. This is what MAGNIFY IN YOLO IS ABOUT” – Master Coach LaKendra. With this strategic approach, she has helped many individuals, entrepreneurs, and businesses become the very best version of themselves.

LaKendra has an extensive professional history working in Behavior Management as a Parole Officer, and as a Behavior-Adjustment Educator – working with at-risk youth with various mental illness diagnosis for Independent School Districts all around Dallas Metroplex for 15 years.

LaKendra is an amiable philanthropist who enjoys giving back to the community. Since 2005, she has run a local charity in the heart of Dallas called H.Y.P.E Kidz Nation Inc., – where she devotes all her time, energy and compassion in educating and empowering girls and women back to the heart through health and mental wellness awareness. As a community activist and advocate, she spearheads two notable charity events a year: Community Fun Walk – to raise awareness about Childhood Obesity, and a Heart Gala – for awareness about Heart Disease in women with heart-health & mental health popups throughout her local communities. Also, LaKendra is in partnership with Daliso Foundation, helping to supply school supplies to less fortunate children of a small village in Zambia, Africa, as well as providing charitable donations to other non-profit organizations through her website http://www.leadingwithlove.store. Moreover, she has been recognized by her community as the Top Executive Female – Addison Magazine, 10 Shades of Success – Elite Award of Growth, Pioneer – Nationally recognized SOS Award, Home-Town Hero – Radio One, 10 Shades of Success Dallas- Elite Award, and Community Service Award – Sons Of Light Grand Council, A.A.S.R.M. & Seraphina Grand Chapter, O.E.S. Besides, the widely acclaimed professional coach and motivator has been featured in several publications. LaKendra has an extensive educational background: Her studies consist of honors in Sociology and Organizational Leadership; with undergraduate minors in Psychology, Criminal Justice & Education.

Those who take the time out to get to know LaKendra would describe her as someone who leads with love and whose businesses are radical and heart-centered. Embracing the virtues of empathy and love, LaKendra is humbled and always relates with people in a compassionate manner. She is sought after by both individuals and organizations for her expertise and aptness to project change into the lives of people.

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  1. Rebecca says:

    Exactly! Love it !

    1. Thank you Rebecca! Many blessings to you as you enter into a beautiful life in 2019.

  2. Rebecca says:

    Exactly! Love it!!

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