Meet Me

cutehypepicwithtree.pngLaKendra is America’s Sistah-Girl. She is YOUR Sistah-Girl to call on when you need words of encouragement, inspiration, motivation, a reality check, a good pep-talk; a mediator, a voice of reason, resources, & a cheerleader. She is your “2-Go-2″ Sistah when you need to sort some important things out. She is your All-American Girl that everyone need from time-to-time. Are you ready to meet Your Sistah-Girl?”

As a dynamic and compassionate facilitator, LaKendra Anderson has spent more than NUMBER OF YEARS building a network of businesses that help girls, women, and their families reach their greatest potential. Her networking competencies thrive from her three main platforms of connecting with girls, women, and whole families: H.Y.P.E Kidz Nation Inc., Your Sistah-Girl Coaching Practice, and The Life Coach Training Institute.

LaKendra’s coaching practice platform showcases her role as a Life Coach, and accomplished Mo’tivity speaker that supports and inspires girls and women as they work toward self-discovery. She uses her wisdom and training to help them gain a deeper understanding of how the mind, body, spirit, and soul connect to form the true self. Her workshops help them understand who they really are, develop a deeper love for themselves, define their life’s purpose, and pursue their passions. LaKendra is also the author of Defining Me: Underneath it All, a self-help book for adolescent girls, and women.

Providing encouragement and resources to women and girls has always been an important aspect of LaKendra’s career. Her practice is based on the philosophy that women and girls are undeniable “diamonds” who need a little bit – or even a lot of polishing – in order to get that shine that makes them feel magnificent. She believes that their paths to self-discovery are similar to the process used to refine diamonds. These highly prized gemstones must be extracted from the earth, exposed to extreme temperatures, reshaped, and thoroughly polished before they become brilliant, precious gems. As a Certified Life Coach, Her goal is to provide high-quality life coaching that supports all in developing the skills needed to achieve great success.

In addition to providing individual life coaching sessions, LaKendra and her partners certify Life Coaches through the Life Coach Training Institute; provide workshops, group meetings, and seminars on a wide-variety of personal and professional topics.

H.Y.P.E Kidz Nation Incorporated is LaKendra’s platform for empowering the youth through her Ambassador Program L.E.A.D; and her fight against childhood obesity that encompasses dance and step for all ages. The organization empowers inner city girls – who come from diverse backgrounds from around the world – to demonstrate leadership, academic excellence, and service. H.Y.P.E. Kidz Nation also motivates them to discover their own unique talents and engage in self-expression and creativity.

LaKendra earned a Bachelor of Arts from Paul Quinn College, completed her Master level work with the University of Phoenix, and Strayer University, earning a Masters of Education. She also holds a State Board Education Certification in EC-12 Special Education. Furthermore, she was trained as a Certified Life Coach at the Life Coach Institute of Orange County and as a National Certified Etiquette Instructor at the National Association of Urban Etiquette Professionals. She is also a proud member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.

“The soul is placed in the body like a rough diamond, and must be reshaped, thoroughly polished, or the shine of it will never appear.”