About LaKendra Anderson

“Let your beauty not be external – the braiding of hair and wearing of gold jewelry or fine clothes but the inner person of the heart, the lasting beauty of a gentle and tranquil spirit, which is precious in the God’s sight.”
1 Peter 3:3

My name is LaKendra Anderson, I am a Mo’Tivity Speaker, and Certified Life Coach who has served many girls and women in guiding them through the discovery process of life. The discovery process is finding the definition of YOUR purpose, passion, and understanding of “Who You Are.” Through this process, you will begin to accept the true definition of your inner and outer beauty, which allows you to experience a deeper love for yourself.

I am also the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Helping Youth Prepare for Excellence, Incorporated (H.Y.P.E); a youth organization that encourages adolescents from diverse backgrounds around the world to demonstrate leadership, scholarship, services, self expression, and creativity in their own unique talents. Please visit my website http://www.hypepresents.com to learn more about H.Y.P.E.

I have truly been blessed with an abundance of wisdom and training that has helped many young girls and women of all ages. But most of all, I have helped many discover a deeper understanding of how mind, body, spirit, and soul drive “Who We Really Are.” It is like the process a diamond goes through. As women, we are all undeniable “diamonds” that need a little bit or a lot of polishing (Let’s keep it real) in order to get that shine that makes us feel magnificent.

A diamond is the most highly prized gemstone in the world, that when it is exposed from being beneath the earth’s surface, exposed to extreme temperatures, has had intense heat applied to it, reshaped until the perfect shape is at its best, and thoroughly polished; is when the beauty of it really comes through. You are able to see the true and natural color, the shape, the character of its features, and the motivation of the designer to make it be so beautiful to present to the world. Not only is this my definition of a diamond, but also my definition of what a woman goes though to discover who she really is.

We have all gone through, going through, or will go through the process of a brilliant diamond, but sometimes we need a little help with being removed from the earth’s surface; or we have gone through the process and somehow been dropped and a little dirt has covered us and we need help being re-polished; or we are in the shaping process and need help finding what shape fits us. But, at the end of your discovery, of your process, of your defining adventure; you will be the true maker of your diamond and will feel really good and genius about it….trust me!

Women just require a little special care, and that is the quality of services I will provide for you. As your Life Coach, you will have access to my seminars, workshops, group meetings, and my approved Partners. If I can’t supply the service, I will find you “The Best” that can, because my GOAL is to help you through the discovery process.

Okay, I think we can stop here! Have fun and go and explore my site.


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