Underneath It All

Underneath It All

“The Power of Knowing”

A Workshop Designed Just For Girls

Defining Me has teamed up with Helping Youth Prepare for Excellence, Inc., and W.R.A.P ~ Women with Resilience, Aspiration, and Pride for Success, and Defining Me ~ The Undeniable Discovery of Her, to host 6 powerful workshops for all girls ages 10-17.                   

W.R.A.P and Defining Me are two sister organizations that give girls and women the gift of hope through life coaching, workshops, group sessions, outings, retreats, and more. 

Do you know how many young women struggle just to love the essence of themselves?  For example, the physical love of their skin color, height, weight, facial features, etc., or those who lack the mental love of belonging, self-worth, acceptance, and esteem. These 6 youth workshops are uniquely designed to help girls discover a new love for themselves. 

In 2011, we want more and more girls to fall in love with themselves so they can begin to discover and appreciate, “Who They Are.”  The classes will consist of a “Socratic (allows critical thinking) Style” of learning lectures; hands-on sessions in hygiene, image/dining etiquette, and living a healthy lifestyle. 

The icing on the cake (literally, we will have some cake!!!) will be a small graduation ceremony to honor our participants for striving towards positive change in their lives.  SO, YOU DON’T WANT TO MISS IT!!!

The cost of these workshops is normally $250.00 and up per participant.  Fortunately, courtesy of H.Y.P.E, this program cost is ONLY $55.00 per participant, and it includes all instructional materials, and much more.  This is not your typical teen workshop where speakers just talk about what they need to do.  Our workshops are about them actively “DOING” what they need to do to leave with a greater sense of empowerment (interactive empowerment).  You will not regret investing in your young lady’s future, so please sign her up.  Seating is very limited.  Thank you

PLEASE VISIT http://www.hypepresents.com/programregistration.htm TO REGISTER


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