The Beauty Of A Woman

I was talking to one of my mentees today and she sparked a fire in me so I wanted to share it today. We were having a daily session, and in the middle of the session she stopped and asked me, “What really makes a woman beautiful?” I asked her if she talked to her mother about it, and she replied, “Of course I have!” I always ask my girls if they have discussed things with their parents first because my job is to team with the family to strengthen the values they are trying to instill. I then asked, “Well, what did she say when you asked her?” She replied, “It is how you groom yourself, you know, keeping your hair done, nails done, ironing your clothes to look presentable, and wearing make-up and stuff.”

I didn’t want to discredit her Mother, so I added, “Well, that is part of beauty; however, there is more to it.” She asked, “What else?” I asked her, “Why is it so important you?” She replied, “Because I do all that my Mother said, and I still don’t feel beautiful.” I could have cried a river because I felt her pain as if I went back 19 years ago, to that little girl who didn’t feel so beautiful in spite of the name brand clothes, and me getting my hair done. At that very moment, I felt her pain and I knew that I could free her from it. So, I gave her a hug, made her some tea, and we ended our session talking about “What Really Makes a Woman Beautiful.”

If a young girl walked up to you and asked you to define beauty, what would you tell her?


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  1. cherese says:

    Beauty starts from within. Beauty is being oneself. When one become comfortable with self. They learn the true meaning of beauty inside and out. So, the key question is. What does beauty mean to you ? When they can define beauty for themselves then they can love their joy. They know the answer they just need the motivation and support to be them.

    1. Cherese, thank you for your words of wisdom. I will add that we are all born beautiful and it is important to understand your beauty inside and out. I have been tall all of my life, and my Mother told me that I was beautiful, gorgeous, and smart. She drilled that into my spirit as a child. She use to say, if anyone ever say that you are tall, you tell them, “Yes, I know, and I am also beautiful!” So, when I entered school, no one could take being beautiful away from me regardless of my difference in physical appearance. It was instilled in me and then I developed a greater sense of beauty on the inside as I got older because I made a connection with my external and internal feelings or beliefs about myself.

      Through years of dealing with young women and women, I have found that everyone was not as blessed to have a Mother to express that they too were beautiful and that forgotten seed that should have been planted creates something so fragile in us as women. Therefore, you are right to say that motivation and support is needed to help young women and women define the beauty that lies within them. Be blessed!

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