3 Days of Icy Weather in Dallas

Take this 3 day blessing as a reminder that God is good. Good things come in 3’s. God rested on the 3rd day of his great 3 day creation of our world. Yet, WE never take the time to rest. Many of us work 10-15 hours a day, to support our families, and we get so lost in our work that we forget about what’s important. Maybe, this was a sign and a warning to us all, to value our families, health, and true purpose in life. We can say it was because of the weather that we have been off for 3 days, but I say, it was another way of God letting us know that He is God. Parents are being forced to spend time with the kids because of this storm; so why not talk to them while they are at home. Play some board games, or just ask them what is going on in their lives. Since you are at home with your wife, or husband, cuddle and reminisce on what brought you together. Sit down together as a family and eat, I am sure it has been a long time. Embrace this moment. It may not happen again unless YOU force it. Sometimes, God does things to us individually to get our attentions, but He shook some things up this time around. Think about it! Spend time talking to your kids, and loving on your family. May God Bless!



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  1. Many fail to realize that even God took a break from work and said that no one is to work on the sabbath day! Take the time off from work and reflect and get your batteries recharged before you go back on your daily grind. He’s always blessing us even when we don’t deserve to be blessed but by His grace and mercy we are here and we should do nothing but our purpose that he gave us to do! Time spent with the family is good time invested and will instill good ethics for the kids. As always you are on point with this! Keep up the good work and keep your ear open as well as your heart for God has many more to tell you if you’ll listen and be a diligent soldier.

    1. Thank you Clif. Thank you for the encouragement, and I hear what you have said. I am marching as a soldier for Christ. You will be so amazed to how He designed these armys and strategically placed us where we need to be placed …..We are all trying to help free the souls of as many women, and young girl as we can reach. I want them to see my free, but learn to define their own definition of free because they will love it better. I am in love with myself. But, it was a process for me to feel like this, and YES!….It is okay to be in love with yourself. It’s a freedom to love and the love includes you:-) Once I did, God scooped me up, told me to woman up, gave me my armor, my tool box, and it has been on every since then. Much love to this post!

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