Underneath It All: When I look into the mirror, what do I see?

Sunday, April 24, 2011, the 15 young ladies waited with eager ears ready to absorb what was waiting for them. Cherese Walker empowered the girls with a motivational speech, “Taking Back Your Power, Knowing Your Worth.” The girls were so engaged as they talked about things that made them feel powerful, such as; singing, playing the French Horn, being in math class, conquering new things, and the list goes on. It was AMAZING to see the collaboration and support the young ladies offered one another as they stood when they could identify with another’s power. Mrs. Walker ended with a powerful message, “Know your worth, and don’t allow anyone to steal your power. Take control of your self-esteem and your inner and outer confidence. You determine your worth and no one else!”

Followed by Cherese Walker, LaKendra Anderson presented the girls with one of her dynamic mo’tivities. She asked them, “What is perception?” The girls yelled out, “How I see myself,” “Who I am,” “How others see me,” and the list went on and on. Followed by that, she gave the girls a personality assessment that allowed the girls to answer 10 questions about how they would handle different situations and general things they liked, such as: favorite color or subject in school. At the end, they were given pros /cons about their personality. The girls were amazed by their results and some could identify with the results, and some discovered new things about themselves.

However, the highlight of Mrs. Anderson mo’tivity was the mirror project. Mrs. Anderson gave all of the girls’ mirrors and water bottles. They had 30 seconds to stare in the mirror and a dialogue began of how they saw themselves in the mirror. Then, they sprayed the mirrors with water and a dialogue started with how they saw themselves with a blurred image. It was heartfelt because some of the things the girls said were, “I see a girl wanting to be pretty, I see someone who is confused, I see someone who is not healthy, I see someone who is beautiful, I see someone who is confident,” and they went on and on. This allowed a socratic discussion to happen about perception and the girls were able to make some adjustments about their previous perceptions of themselves. They were given motivational words to decorate their mirrors with and it was beautiful to see the words they were choosing (You Can Do It, Pretty, Survivor, Strength, Encourager, Hope, Awesome, Smart, ect) to be their reflection when they needed to be reminded that they are beautiful and powerful.

April ends with dealing with inner beauty and May will deal with outer beauty. The girls will learn about image and learn how to work with what they got. Until then, we will be back to give you more updates on our Underneath It All: The Power of Knowing workshop just for girls.


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