When you are ready to begin re-training your mind, you have to be ready to release your afflictions and move forward. Have you heard of the story of the Piano Man?

The Story:
There was a man that was born to carry a piano on his back until the day he died because his Father and Father’s Father all carried this burden all the days of their lives. One day, a stranger walked up to him and said, “Why do you carry that piano every day, it takes you all day just to make it to the other end of the town; but if you took the piano off your back, you would make it there in 1/2 the time.” The piano carrier took in what the stranger said and began to wonder about his life without the piano. However, he was afraid to let it go because the piano was all he knew and he couldn’t bear not having it, yet, it was miserable having it. He couldn’t do 75% of things he dreamt about because of the hindrance of the piano.

So, the piano man carried the piano for 10 more years and one day he grew very sick and his pace became very slow that the only thing he could do was lie in bed for days awaiting his death. As more days passed, he remembered the stranger from 10 years ago and remembered what he said about releasing the piano.

With his last breath of confidence, the piano man got up out of his bed and released the piano from his back. For about 10 minutes, he remained slumped over as if the burden of the piano was still there. He had to tell his mind, to straighten his back, and walk forward because the burden of the piano was gone. He walked over to a mirror and lifted himself up, and he immediately felt free from the weight and the burden of the piano.

He ran outside and shouted and leaped full of joy. He ran as fast as he could to the other side of town and back at least 5 times until he was out of breath. As he walked back in exhaustion from his running, he came across the stranger from 10 years ago. The stranger walked up to him and said, “You finally took your burden off your back and you look much better.” The piano man responded, “Yes, I feel like I can fly now, thanks for your words of encouragements.” The stranger replied, “I use to carry a weight such as the piano on my back, but I had to accept that my weight was consuming who I really was and what I really was capable of becoming; so without effort, I released my weight.”

The two men looked at each other with smiles on their faces, and both of them walked with such poise and pride as they started to think about their lives without their burdens on their backs.

The releasing of your burdens or mind afflictions (is what I call them) is the first step to mind-training. It is your first step to being set free from bondage of your own mind because you are the one that trained it to operate in bondage on a daily basis. So, in order to re-train the mind, it will take a change of consciousness on your part to release that in which bounds you to your fears of self-discovery.

Sometimes it is just the fear of releasing something, rather than living the full truth of what we were destined to really carry.


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