Mind Training:The Brain in its Natural Form

There are 8 ways to get out of suffering that I practice to free my mind from suffering.  Our mind is like muddy water with gritty dirt that fogs our judgment and clarity when we need it the most.

Try to follow me:

If you took a bottle, placed water in it, added dirt with rocks and other earthly objects, and shook it up; What would happen?  Yes! You would get dirty, filthy water.  But, what happens if you sat the bottle down for a couple of days?  The water would eventually settle from the dirt.  The dirt will go to its natural form which is below and the water will rise to the occasion of its natural form.

This is the same thing for our brain.  Sometimes we need to sit still and allow the brain to think without disturbance, without influence, and without judgment (perception).  At some point in your life, you have to understand that the TRUTH, in which you understand it, may not be the FULL TRUTH.  Therefore, allow your mind to explore other walks of life, and other possibilities.  You have to stop being afraid of wandering in the field of enlightenment because this is when your brain is trying to go to its natural form and that is to find peace (happiness) and prosperity.  If you are constantly in the mind of suffering, and you practice what you know and have practiced your way (perception) of life for at least 10+ YEARS, and still no change, no peace, and no clarity.

Sit still for a moment and allow the dirt in your mind to settle in its natural form so you can see clearer, think clearer, and don’t allow others perception about your change affect you.  Allow the dirt to filter itself to its destiny (from the mind) so clarity can be discovered.

The 8 ways to free yourself from suffering is simple if you are truly searching to find peace.  I believe if it works for one, it can work for another:-) Come back later and learn how.  Be blessed!


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