Is Ego holding you back from reaching your destiny?

Have you ever wondered why love is so great in the beginning? Why every relationship begins so sweet and why we are always on our best behaviors?  Why the pair of shoes, the cell phone, or the car was such a strong desire AT FIRST….but that same exact thing we just HAD to have is ready to be replaced by the NEW thing we are in love with NOW?  Well, I will tell you…lol….It is all because of the ego.

Ego sees something it wants, and goes after it.  If the slightest indifference happens that will not stroke the ego’s fancy like it did at first site…the ego will begin to turn on that same exact thing that it once LOVED.  For example, 1)being the first of your friends to drive a Benz…..Ugh! But now Sheila has the latest one….so now you want to upgrade yours.  2)Simone was so fine when I first met her, but Sam’s girl is hotter–I need a new chick OR just Sam’s girl:-)3) Here is a good one….When I met him he was a hardworking man, but his job went through a lay off and he was one of those people to get canned—-Ugh—I am tired of paying for dinners and outings–on to the next one—LOL!!!  The list goes on and on……

The ego wants what it wants, when it wants it, and at whatever cost to get it.  This is how we live and we are not aware of it—I’m not saying if it is right or wrong—because there is not really a right or wrong to what I am saying—you have to find you own truth.  However, in order for us to find our own truth, we have to practice shifting our consciousness in understanding that our EGOs can destroy our chances to really experience an everlasting fulfillment that we all crave.  The greatest gift in life is to gain fulfillment and not a temporary fix. Fulfillment is what is necessary to bring about or achieve something expected, desired, or promised—God promised us prosperity and to be fulfilled—so we subconsciously search for the promise by how we perceive life.

Temporary fixes should be old to you…you should want MORE….But, how do you get more?  Start your own research about ego and then do a self-reflection and see what you discover.


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