The Waves 2 Fulfillment


Do you know what fulfills me? Practicing living MY BEST LIFE, and living a life of service through 1) H.Y.P.E Inc. , 2) DEFINING ME – LIFE COACHING & EDUCATIONAL SERVICES, 3) THE LIFE COACH TRAINING INSTITUTE. I’m on a wave of opportunity, and I need not to be afraid of the currents that can take me under, because God has shown me that He is the Master of all oceans.

You have to start truly living….adjusting your posture with grace and poise to receive your flow of gratitude from our King, our Father, our Universe–Whatever He is to you. Just get on your surfing board and trust the waves to guide you to YOUR land of FULFILLMENT.

Dear Lord, continue to check me good when I’m out of alignment with your purpose for my life. Continue to give me compassion to love your people and children. Continue to give me YOUR favor, YOUR mercy, and YOUR direction. I accept the fact that I’m lost without your eyes, and I’m ignorant without YOUR plan. Forgive me today for any insincerity, insecurity, and doubt that I have displayed to myself and others. I ask that you continue to keep me humbled and graceful, allowing my light to shine in someone’s life.

I love, loving you.
#God #HelpingYouthPrepareforExcellenceIncorporated #DefiningMe #TheLifeCoachTrainingInstitute #LivingMyBestLife


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