Sharing My Anniversary


Wow! Today, I share a perfect day with my husband–Our anniversary. I’m proud of us because we didn’t allow the tough storms to displace our soul’s that are destined for one another. He is here for me, and I for him, which makes it worth it. The struggles that have been thrown at us in the past 2 years, would have broken many, but it has made us wiser and stronger. I am no easy woman, let me tell u straight up. I have EXTREMELY HIGH expectations for EVERYONE that is special to me, so my husband has a lot on his plate as a husband, and I thank him for understanding me as HIS wife. Even when he doesn’t, he humbles himself to receive my true self and I know that can’t always be easy. But, I’m thankful that God built him for me. Its a breath of fresh air to be with someone who truly embraces “Who You (by God’s Design) Are.” Someone that believes in you…and I mean truly believes. Man….oh man… In turn, I embrace him for him..Even within my extreme expectations that may not be present, I trust him….u have to trust your spouse ladies…and u have to release ego, doubt, and all that u think u know, to trust God’s Design. He can only be for me what HE envisions, which is why it is so important to marry someone that is equally yoked, and share your same vision of a partnership. So, I am happy to say that he has all of the ingredients of being a perfect husband, and I’m his Betty Crocker:-). We are each other’s Master Chefs, and sometimes he has to be my Emril:-). Adding in ingredients and taking them away when they are not blending well…..r u feeling me. It’s all in the plan……. Today, 2 years ago, I married God’s design for me. And I tell you ladies this, when you say ” I Do” don’t just say it because its the American way, cute, something to do, or because of other DUMB reasons; but because he makes you feel powerful, beautiful, worthy, and special ALL the time–even in the storms, you know you can trust his integrity and character as your husband. Do u have a man that does that for you??? And if you do, you have to make sure you are doing it for him. I’m thankful, and I look forward to loving him more, and continuing to find those perfect ingredients to make that award winning recipe. We are wearing that Blue Ribbon. I love you Mac Dreamy!


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