One Last Hour


What if the Angel of Death sat this at your doorway, without instructions, or a single mental thought giving to you. How would you handle the hour glass?

Everyday, we take our talents, families, jobs, and total LIFE for granted. I was doing something today and saw a hour glass, and immediately started rejoicing for the opportunity to LIVE.

SO, I ASK……what would you do if you were given one hour left to live your BEST life? Who would you need to forgive, what thing would you seek to explore, how long would you spend with your children, what phobia would you conquer…..what would you do in your last hour.

The hour glass holds no judgement, only your perceptions of how you wish to view the last hour. Broaden your perceptions of life in your last hour. Don’t miss out on your opportunity to live. Be blessed.


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  1. Sam Scott says:

    This blog has opened up my heart to really think about what is important. What inspired you to write this? It’s a little different to the blogs I normally read, but then I went to read the rest of your stuff….amazing and thought provoking.

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