Happy Thanksgiving!


Today’s meditation was aligned with todays energy…Thanksgiving. I’m truly blessed to have a family that truly loves me, and I love them.  I’m also truly grateful to have friends that love me like they are family. 

What we have to understand about family is that we are here to be supportive of each other. Our differences shouldn’t matter because we were united together to love and have compassion for one another, no matter what. 

Which is why forgiveness is so important for everybody. When you carry pain, it becomes viral.  Because we are all connected spiritually, and we carry the pain of others. If we are all happy, we carry the joy and feeling of happiness of others. Have you ever lived with an angry or unhappy person? If so, think how it affected your emotions.   It’s all of our jobs to give love and uplift one another.

Success wasn’t designed to be competitive, but to have a viral spread of love and happiness when others around us experienced it. When I got married, it should have elevated the love meter for everyone connected to me. When I started my businesses, it should have elevated a motivation and a feeling of success for everyone that is directly connected to me. My success is their success, and you no how I know that? Because, I share it with them, and I see their happiness when they are apart of it. We shouldn’t just want our families to experience our pain, they will experience that regardless… So give as much LOVE as u can.

From this day forward….I’m living in love, service, and compassion.


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