Reclaim Your Territory

Everything in my head is being strategically organized by God. In 2014, its time to go to war and really handle our business Women’Prenuers! I have put on my DivaLICIOUS Army Fatigues, and I got my mind, body, and soul as my weapons. So, I tell anyone that IS NOT in alignment with their purpose, and their greatness…MOVE OUT OF MY WAY!!!! because only SUCCESS can live in my barracks. Only PERSEVERANCE will live in my safe hole. Only the HARDWORK will climb the heels of the enemy’s territory with me. Only the DEDICATED will accompany me all the way to take what’s rightfully our’s. Only the DISCIPLINED will win this war with me. So, get up and put on your army fatigues and shout…..I AM RECLAIMING MY TERRITORY!

Much Love,
Your Sistah-Girl






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