Was It Worth It?

I was sitting here thinking about my Mother that passed away May 10, 2013, and I thought about how much of my life was centered around her because she was sick all the time. So, this strange question popped into my head…..Was It Worth It?

I hesitated a minute to make sure it wasn’t her playing some sick joke on me because TRUST ME…she would if she could. LOL!

So, what’s my answer? It was worth every millisecond of my existence. I have the true answer of how not to live with regret. If you truly love someone unconditionally, you must live to build the BEST memories that you possibly can, so that when they’re gone, their good memories are still with you. However, the less time you spend with that person, the more you will have to FIGHT to think of good memories, and sometimes because of the “less time,” the BAD can outweigh the GOOD.

Any Hoot!  I learned the good and the bad from my Mother. When I was younger, I use to think….she must be a very special woman because God gave her to me, and all I wanted was her good and that’s exactly what she gave me.


So, inspite of the weekly hospital visits, late night ambulance calls, early morning emergency room scares, and all of the visiting hospitals, nursing homes, and rehabilitation centers, I could ALWAYS get a life’s lesson from her that motivated me to live my BEST LIFE.

So why this blog? Your life has
to be balanced to really have no regrets to life. If you love someone -spend as much time as you possibly can with them. Make adequate time for them so that their good can outweigh their bad. Also, live in the NOW. The NOW is your current reality, and it will help you to balance and move forward into your tomorrow’s.

Before its to late….rebuild relationships that are important, and live with no regrets.

Your Sistah-Girl, Coach Anderson.


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