Above & Not Below

I was sitting here looking out my window and I found an appreciation for everything around me. I’m not forced to believe in what’s down below because I’m able to create my own perception of the world that I live in from up above. Does this make sense?

The sense that I make from this is that we are sometimes forced to live in a box when we are stuck on a lower level of mentality. Down below I have to listen to the noise of the street, the chatter of people, and the chaos of the environment. However, the higher we challenge ourselves to evolve, the better of a creator we become. I am able to create my own world from this view. I see peace, serenity, and beauty from my view.

There is NEVER a time in life to be complacent. I told my husband there is so much to the world than Mexico. We married there, and have been back numerous times after, but I’m ready to evolve into another place. I’m ready to see above in Europe, Asia, Africa….Lets go!!!! Are you feeling your Sistah-Girl?

Its important where I live and how I perceive how my environment will aid in evolving me. If I can’t connect with my environment, then it won’t sell me. Are y’all feeling me? Starring out my window gave me a refreshed liberation tonight. I feel that I am in the right space of my life. All of this happened from a stare from my window.

So, what’s the point? The point is to NEVER fall short of challenging yourself to grow. I have been a big, medium, and small chick. Therefore my perception of a woman is not closed-minded where I am so judgemental of any size woman. I’m not afraid to go back from where I have evolved from because it gives me the appreciation of my commitment to my growth. I have challenged myself physically. I challenge myself socially, and mentally.

So, I want my LOVE’ies to do the same. If I can do it…so can you. Find some great books that will challenge you. Find a class that will heightened your wisdom to its peak. Find a different place from your norm to meet a variety of people to help with your articulation, vocabulary, and social status. Connect with others that will challenge you to grow. Involve yourself with things that are created to make you critically think. Visit art museums, attend an opera…just do something OUT OF YOUR NORM to help expand your mind and make you hungry for more. Are you following me?

All of this will help you blossom into a nicer person. A more accepting person. A more appreciative being…. More compassionate, and loving. Not only for yourself, but of others. Strive to live at the top.

Much LOVE,
LaKendra Anderson


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