Fighting 4 Happiness


Life WILL make choices for you, and some may seem unfair. We call it, “dealt a bad hand.” However, what I know for sure is…..we control our own destinies because we get to choose how to use the emotional energies that are developed from all situations.

Does this make sense?  Okay…….let me break it down a little further. Our own joy, peace, and sanity lie within every emotional choice that we make. We can either believe that WHAT IS…..IS…..or….what is…is…ONLY temporarily. 

I call it….allowing the emotion to TIE, instead of WIN. The tie breaker should be your motivation and faith to know that WHAT IS….. only resides how long we choose for it to. With that, when we allow the emotion from a failure to win, then we tell our psyche that it’s ok to accept a negative aspect of ourselves.

Are you feeling me LOVE’ies? We all have the POWER to reposition heartache/tragedy/guilt/pain/depression/and bad choices into GOOD ENERGY. IS IT EASY? Hell No!!! I’m your Sistah-Girl, and I have to keep it real with you. You would definitely need a supportive and accountable environment depending on how tragic of the choice that you made resulting into a horrible outcome. 

Never allow your destiny to DEAD END because there are endless highways, byways, and roads to your happiness.

Your Sistah-Girl,
Coach LaKendra Anderson.


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