Gravity – Have you seen it?


It made me think of my life, and for a long time I was floating around with fear, hoping that something or someone would save me.

However, I was the main key all along to my own success/discovery. I just needed to come down from space, and learn how to stand alone and find my way. I needed to learn how to depend on my Heavenly Father who planted the seed of creation inside of me. I learned how to tap into my own magnificence, and almighty powers.

Once I discovered that, I created my own strength and found my purpose; and something much larger than my life – beyond the world rebirthed me while floating, and gave me a newness and self-confidence. 


Life is real. It requires legs to get you where you need to go…gravity will take you into territories that may not be for you. Stop floating through life, hoping for life to discover you, when YOU SHOULD DISCOVER LIFE. 

Its a heck of a ride.

Your Sistah-Girl, Coach LaKendra Anderson


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