Sometimes We Just Don’t Know

The Amazing Jam Session Guys Three random guys …:

This really brought me to tears because we “JUST DONT KNOW”just how our lives can change when we are moving in rhythm with God’s divine purpose.  My heart is so filled with joy right now to see God’s men collaborating with one another. God has a way of giving me assurances in unconventional ways to show me that im on the right path when my heart tries to grow weary about what im doing.

So, as I watched this…Literally. ..tears poured down my face because what i really saw were a group of women and girls uniting together for a greater purpose, and making extraordinary things happen for ONE ANOTHER….Where EVERYONE WINS!

I meet so many people doing what i do on such a bigger scale, and i know that my impact is powerful on my scale (don’t get me wrong- I am so humbled and blessed) but sometimes i wish for that promotion that God shows me favorly all the time because i know that im ready….(yall just follow me on this because these are my thoughts sometimes) and God’s responses to me every time…”YOU ARE ALREADY WINNING LAKENDRA.” 

(My Thoughts again)….. I’m telling you…If I had the resources. …EVERYONE that I know that grinds like I do and I know that you do it for the GLORY of the kingdom -would win. (GOD’S RESPONSE AGAIN…”BUT YOU ARE ALREADY DOING THIS…HELPING OTHERS TO WIN LaKendra”)

(BACK TO THE VIDEO)—Helping others to WIN!! JUST like I saw in this video. A complete stranger acted on an GUT FEELING (always God)- he responded to his GUT FEELING (ACKNOWLEDGED GOD’S ACTION PLAN) and this miracle happened and will continue to happen for these men as long as they stay grounded in God’s purpose. If we all listened….we would be further in our missions, faith, love, purposes, and growth.  THESE men followed their guts and a miracle happened.

However, we second guess the VOICE. You may have the ACTION PLAN for someone else’s life, in turn, is for your life too….that’s why we must ALWAYS follow the “GUT.” It’s the action plan from the kingdom. ..The unrevealed blue print, not only for your life but others as well. That’s why I LOVE collaboration. We all WIN!

(ONE OF MANY OF MY GUT STORIES) I remember that I only had about $40 dollars to my name to last me 3 weeks. A woman pulled up to me at a gas station in a BIG truck and needed gas to make it to work. I thought…..why is her ass in this big olé truck anyways trying to drive it without gas…but my gut said…bless her. I struggled with that voice for approximately 2-3minutes because i needed to make it….but I watched her sit so patiently in her car waiting on my response as if she knew that my response would be favorable. …she appeared not to even be worried BY FAR and that’s how I knew that I needed not to be worried either (see unconventional confirmation) So I rolled down my window and asked….would $20 help. I just gave her half of what I had and that’s the story.  

I’m so transparent now that I can say…I use to be hungry for the fame in what I do….needing the recognition, the discovery and so forth. But, I’m glad that God has allowed me to mature and get rooted in my walk with him – learning the true meaning of service in everything that I do. Teaching me that we are all in this together. …regardless of our zip codes, color, culture, or gender. I can bless anybody because my confirmation comes from God. I do not question His plan anymore, and i live in every moment because every moment is a blessing, and I’ve figured out HOW TO SEE GOD’S GLORY unconventionally –  which allows me to be present and humbled.

So, when I saw this video for the first time today…right before everyone joined the initial 3men on the stage,  God said to me……”NOW YOU KNOW MY CHILD-CONTINUE TO MOVE FORWARD.”


Your Sistah-Girl,
Coach LaKendra Anderson


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