Phil McGraw said, “We all have a social mask, right? We put it on, we go out, put our best foot forward, our best image. But behind that social mask is a personal truth, what we really, really believe about who we are and what we’re capable of.”


Transparency and authenticity is something I strive to be in every aspect of my life. I believe that in my spiritual walk, this is the only way to truly practice love and compassion so that my light will shine to help others to see, and ultimately help me to see. I want people that believe in me to know that I am human made up of many layers – I am far from perfect but I do live in my #truth.  Sometimes I find myself layering downwards, because it’s where I can be most vulnerable. I do get sad, hurt by others, angry, frustrated, and very hard on myself sometimes, and it’s okay because it reminds me that I am still LaKendra. Not a superwoman that everyone depends on for strength and guidance. But, a fragile woman that sometimes cries when no one is looking. I get to be that too you know!

Now, my Mother taught me that I can’t stay in this space very long – BUT – I am allowed to layer down and BE PRESENT with where I am emotionally – I call it unmasking as described by Phil McGraw. In these last couple of days, I have been under construction, remodeling a much needed layer. Just the natural on top of natural going through a minor repair. I am so looking forward to summer. What does the summer hold with my new design? I will be ready for the newest edition to this masterpiece. I am just about done😘

WE must learn to take care of our mental, physical, and spiritual selves. This is all in alignment with #personaldevelopment, #growth, and #selflove. This is the ULTIMATE lesson I learned when I lost my Mother exactly 3 years ago today. Her death has been an eye opener for LIVING with true passion and purpose. I don’t want to be in an empty space ever in life out of settling, mediocrity, complacency, and my FAVORITE word FOOLERY. I now connect with the truth that we don’t get FOREVER, so I choose ME everytime!

#temporarylifeinthenaturalworld #flawlesslyflawed #selfworth #lovingselffirst  #youareenough #iputgodfirstinlife


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