Prostituting Your Gift

Profound Statement:

Take your gift and go to someone else and say, I GOT YOU. You don’t have to worry about the money….but….I Got YOU, and I will help you until you are in a good place. How many of you can do that and will do that to help someone else?  Are you in that position? If you are able to pay ALL of your bills, ON-TIME, without worries, and your health is good, YOUR FAMILY is good, YOUR needs are met, and you’re able to purchase EXTRA – YOU are who I am speaking about. How many of you have helped someone to fulfill a dream without ANY STRINGS ATTACHED? Have you given to require NOTHING in return? To a stranger?  When you are in a space to bless people, is when you know that you have elevated in God’s grace and mercy. But, when you choose to prostitute your gift, is when the game changes. You still may be rich or have plentiful, but there’s a HUGE PRICE to pay and to sustain it. You will have to sacrifice most of everything important just to keep it…..Y’ALL know what I’m talking about….DON’T YOU🙄

When God sustains you to prosper in your businesses, DON’T BE GREEDY. This is what God showed me TODAY. Why are we charging these high end prices when we’re already sustained? Yes, I know the inspirational speeches about CHARGING YOUR WORTH….but, if God charged His worth, YOU WOULD NEVER be able to afford His grace and mercy. WE WOULD ALL BE DOOMED. When you exceed in cost, you miss out on being a blessing to so many people THAT NEED YOU. Trust me I GET IT, but have a balance and make sure your value makes sense to THE PURPOSE. DOES THAT MAKE SENSE? YOUR GIFT IS YOUR PURPOSE TO THE WORLD. BALANCE IT because I know you have to LIVE to pay bills,  but don’t let it be at a cost of robbing Peter and Paul just to get a taste of YOUR GRACE AND GLORY. Remember their lives afterwards. Yea….I know it hurts and I know that only those that ARE AWAKE will get it. IT’S TIME TO GET HIP TO THE GAME. We are DESTROYING each other with our privileged behaviors. Don’t pimp yourself out.

Everyone that knows me, KNOWS that I love custom and specialty clothing. I LOVE designers that create timeless and beautiful pieces – they have beautiful, and magical gifts, and if I can spend the same $200+ with a designer to make me a COUPLE of pieces vs department store shopping,  that is what I prefer to support a small business. SOOOOOO…..There is a designer that USE TO make me 2 or 3 pieces a year at a very affordable cost, and the child was BADD. ANY HOOT….I saw some TIGHTS she made, and instantly had falling in love with them. I envisioned my whole outfit and the type of day I was going to have when I wore them. I was going to be HOT😂. It was a blissful daydream.  So, I reached out to her, and she says that the TIGHTS were priced at $1300. My jaw DROPPED. A pair of #$&* leggings. She must be designing for Beyonce now. OH! YOU’RE BIG TIME NOW. You are on a WORLD level now….trying to fit in and be ACCEPTED. Wow!! To eaches own is my statement to that  because we have EVERY right to determine our worth and value.

But, have you ever asked yourself WHY have you REALLY over valued your gift? When I am mentoring people about their entrepreneurial gifts, the first thing they ask me is…..HOW DO I DETERMINE MY PRICE RANGES? Do I Google what others are doing? I immediately answer NO. YOU determine your price value by how you see human beings in the position they are in. Meet everyone that seeks you, WHERE THEY ARE because it’s a REASON that they have sought you out ANYWAYS. YOU…THE PERSON…ARE THEIR GIFT❣  Unless, you are trying to keep a market of people OUT. (THINK ABOUT THAT) When you were just NORMAL before you discovered YOUR GIFT, how did you feel when you desired something that you really needed but couldn’t AFFORD.

Do you remember asking someone to help you but you couldn’t AFFORD their services but for some reason a force sent you to THAT PERSON OR BUSINESS OR PRODUCT, only to be turned AWAY. THINK…THINK…THINK. Normally,  people that can’t afford my services, I tell them to make a DONATION to HYPE KIDZ NATION , or I value it at something they should be able to AFFORD. They may not get my 1,OOO percent but they still get my 💯 percent experience of my gift with love and compassion. Nobody slips by me anymore since I have been awakened in God’s grace and glory.

But, I ain’t nobody….you don’t see me in THE KNOW GROUPS, ON TELEVISION,  OR THE RADIO…..SO I’M CRAZY ANYWAYS. So, I’m going to crazily say……. keep charging 250.00 for a t’shirt, and 1300 for leggings.  10,000-50,000 just to show up to speak for a hour, OR JUST TO BE PRESENT BECAUSE YOU HAVE MADE A NAME FOR YOURSELF  at charity events or to impact people who are suffering. Keep up valuing your services over 100% and missing out on opportunities to TRULY BLESS PEOPLE. WE are taught that this is the ONLY way to get RICH, to BE IN POWER, and BE IN THE KNOW. But, God confirmed in my spirit today that this is the way you rob yourself to fulfilling the highest relationship that can be attained with HIM. THE HIGHEST!!!! To most, this ain’t even an important GOAL to attain. Lordy!!! I remain humbled because my resources will come from the plentiful, so that I won’t have to rob your children. I am open to serve them.



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