Teaching Leaders How To Lead w/LOVE♡


“Teaching Leaders How To Lead w/LOVE”

Leaders become influencers rather we want to or not. I have met MANY great leaders with really poor interpersonal skills. How can that be? When I first spoke at the leadership appreciation ceremony for Dell Corporation, I asked them….Were you made a leader, or born a leader. MADE leaders struggle the most with leading with love because they earned their title with the POWER OF MONEY.

Yep!! I said it.

Born leaders are authentically wired differently because they were CHOSEN to lead with a greater purpose attached. The caveat with this – is they still have to understand the formula to truly become the influencer they were created to be or even they get caught up in EGO.

I will never forget after speaking at Dell, one of their top sell associates’ (I’ll call him Matt) came to me and said…Normally, we have a “BIG” name speaker come to do these sort of talks because it’s their job to inspire us for the next quarter of sales. When we asked Dan about you, he even said that there wasn’t a lot to know, but that you were coming. Dan ramped and raved about you for a month until we became so eager to meet and learn from you. Dan said, SHE IS VERY DIFFERENT but we will all be blessed. I even researched you and found very little. But, I see that you can’t judge a real book by its cover until you take the time to read it. THANK YOU for reminding us that what is separating us from our ULTIMATE goal is THE HEART vs THE EGO. The true battle of being Self-Made or Born to Lead.

This was my reply…Matt, thank you so much for giving little ole’ me a chance. (We both laughed.) I didn’t want to come speak to you all myself. (He gave me the weirdest look) Dan is a good friend and begged me. I met Dan a couple of years ago when I brought a group of youth steppers to open up for this same event and everyone was impressed with their leadership skills as kids. Dan asked me if I trained them and I responded yes. He then invited me to lunch and learned what I did for a living, and this is how all of this came about. Real leaders see what others just can’t see, and they help others to cultivate those skills by being a gift. Dan was my gift.

I embraced Matt with a big hug and told him to KICK A♡♡ next quarter. He emailed me all week picking my brain and was the #1 sells agent the next quarter🤗❤.

When I wrote the curriculum for the CARE MODEL for #thelifecoachtraininginstitute, I wrote it to REMIND great leaders how to lead with LOVE. People don’t quit companies, THEY QUIT PEOPLE♡.

A real leader will recognize that their connection with others should not be driven by their influence of money, but the influence of their heart. This is what truly separates the two. You just have to decide HOW you want to lead.

Simply LaKendra💋


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