The Minimum

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It’s no secret I have shared my journey I had with my Monk – Tashi. I was in a battle with religion and spirituality because I was filled with SO MUCH judgment of myself and others. I needed to seek my own refuge and find peace in my thoughts. I was seeking balance and the Universe sent me him to teach me what I desired. He opened up another dimension of my mental thought process of how I saw myself in others. It wasn’t others I was judging, it was myself. Every insecurity I had, I could identify it in others which made me look down on them. What we see in others, is the insecurity in which we see ourselves♡.

He still guides me through his community teachings. I make sure to stay connected because it helps me to stay center with my core.

The “Minimum” blog he wrote was so powerful that I have come back to it on today. Who am I? Which is around the time I committed to the Mastery of Myself hashtag that Master Coach A *my business partner in the Philippines* reignited in her most recent post on Facebook, leading me back to my journey of Me vs. Me.

This correspondence dates as far back as Aug2018. I will share our correspondence below and hopefully you can find your own refuge in your questions of where you are in the 3 jewels. I’m preparing you all to take a stand for YOURSELF and how you see yourself as true Change Agents.


Master YOURSELF through the process.



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