“Thoughts of a Woman”

This is the man every man dream of being to a woman. I am reflattering my thoughts♡

Simply LaKendra Enterprises


Her heart was joyous.  Her thoughts of him day after day, made her feel youthful, and free to love. The mystery of his absence at night time, made her feel sensual because she could imagine his touch. The thought of the warmness of his body comforted her at night, and made her dream of dreams that all women hoped for.

When she worked during the day time, she would imagine him behind her, whispering sweet somethings in her ear. This kept a smile on her face and it made everyone think that she just loved her job.  The mystery of someone’s happiness can be puzzling sometimes, can’t it?

Oh!!!! The enjoyment of the thought of them fine dining, dancing all night long, embracing life, and the sweet sound of love making when the earth was quiet and still.

He was her last thought of the night, and first thought of…

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