Mind Disruption

When I was younger, I was diagnosed with Attention-Deficit Disorder #ADD. My mind was so different. I could go to another world within my own mind as if I was the only person that existed. I had to repeat a grade because of it. Then, later they discovered I was Gifted and Talented #GT in the areas of general intellectual ability,
creative or productive thinking, and
leadership ability *I believe these were the political correct terms.*

I thrived in spaces where I could demonstrate ownership, have flexibility, and work with other creative brains to produce higher results. I remember one of my GT teachers telling me that we were the exceptional, and instantly I felt closed in a box. See, the world outside TO ME was more exceptional. So, I came outside of the box and told my Mother that I didn’t want to be GT because… THAT!! I knew how to do. I just wanted to be ME. LaKendra the girl that looked normal with a creative and highly interactive brain.

Why this blog? All of my life I have been reinventing myself against the norm. I recreate spaces where I have ownership, leadership, and collaboration. I thrive in these spaces because it helps me to continue to #reinvent myself unapologetically. It’s the experiences of my failures and success that keeps me going. I am forever evolving. The girl who was once a Special Education student for lack of concentration, turned Gifted and Talented for my ability to think beyond normal boundaries.

You don’t have to be the norm. It’s your right to reinvent your own greatness and it DON’T look like anyone else’s. We have been so marginalized, and brainwashed until we don’t know what’s real. We are in the hands of the puppet masters. It was my English teacher in high school – Mrs. Cunningham that said to me once … LaKendra, you are one of the best writers in my class. I can’t say the absolute best for many reasons, and here’s why. You write with so much creative thought and passion, unlike anything I’ve seen in a while. I can live in your words. But, your grammar sucks to be GT. I remember her laughing and saying…you are real GT because none of this matters does it? I responded … no ma’am.

My senior year I received high honors for her class as having the highest GPA. That’s when I was giving permission to say 🖕🏾 it‼. Because it didn’t matter. I saw that I could still WIN just doing me. I went on to love writing because of her. Even with all of the red marks and x she would put on my paper. LOL! I should have a thousand books😂, but my mind won’t let me sit long enough in one setting to produce them. But, I promised myself I would do 3.

To me, intelligence is a person that can reinvent themselves at any given time. A person that can creatively see their future and plot their current situation on how they will get there. Yet, feel okay through the process of getting there or not. Because, they know that life can turn in many directions demanding a higher version before the time, if that makes sense.

So, we just trust the process and live in a sense of freedom of knowing that we can become just what we want to feel, and see.



Recreation of self.

That’s the power of true intelligence.

When you can disrupt the mind to another realm of invention❤.

(I saw myself as a talk show host. This picture inspired this post because we feel that the only TALK SHOW style is what we see on television. I’m already here in creative mind, and this is good enough to cause the disruption I need)


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