The Pillow Comfort Experience

pillow comfort2The Pillow Comfort Experience is for women that need a supportive environment to release negative tension from a long week of being a mother, homemaker, wife, woman’preneur, student, or just a WOMAN:-)  The Pillow Comfort Experience will help you to rejuvenate & renew your energy, mind, body, and spirit. Most of these experiences happens on a Friday. Kabbalists explain that Shabbat (Friday) is the only day of the week when the spiritual and physical worlds are united.  So what perfect way to have a blissful experience with laughter, peace, harmony, and sisterhood.

pillow comfort4

This EXPERIENCE has no place for: labels, judgment, negative energy or thought. It is designed for a small group of women to share and learn how to experience ultimate relaxation, and become consciously connected with the things that need to be released internally in order to experience bliss.  Most experiences are led by Your Sistah-Girl or a Master Coach.

It’s done in an intimate, and small group setting with FIVE STAR SERVICE, treating you like a Queen:

  • Relaxing music
  • Warm throws
  • Fluffy pillows
  • Wine
  • Hors d’oeuvre
  • Selections of Your Sistah-Girl’s favorite relaxing herbal teas
  • Specialty self-love keepsakes & pampering gifts
  • Master Coach LaKendra leading the blissful experience
  • Location are always 5 Star rated.

There will be featured professional services that focuses on rejuvenation and relaxation such as: (experiences change monthly)

  • Massages
  • Meditation Sessions
  • Rejuvenating/Laughter Yoga
  • Beauty Cleansing
  • Scheduled 60 minute coaching session with Your Sistah-girl or a selected partner.
  • And Much More!

Everything in life requires an investment, whether the investment cost you valuable time, or money – We all deserve to do something nice for ourselves.


FEEL GOOD about investing in YOUR MIND;

FEEL GOOD that you are venturing out and doing what works for YOU;

Because YOU ARE WORTHY enough to enjoy a relaxing evening with your                       mind, body, and spirit;

pillow comfort

The Pillow Comfort Experience is the right investment for any woman who need an extra supportive environment to release and rejuvenate into a new mental space.    YOU DESERVE IT!

Great Value: $514.00 per Queen             

You+another Queen ONLY for $1,028.00 ($25 savings)          

(Must register and pay at the same time)

(Limited Seating due to intimate setting)

Your Sistah-Girl recommends 3 experiences a year so that you can practice your own Pillow Comfort at home. She says, “Anything you do requires a study and practice if you want to become good at it.”  An investment is not good to make if you do not intend to benefit thoroughly from it.  She is about helping those to create their own results, for their own life.

Pillow Comforts are designed to empower women, and give them the tools they need to rejuvenate, heal, and release all negative energies to head into a blissful weekend with their loved ones, and friends.

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