What is Mo’Tivity

A motivational speaker or inspirational speaker is a speaker who makes speeches intended to motivate and/or inspire an audience.

The one thing I love to do is to inspire young people and women to live their BEST LIFE. However, my inspiration is delivered a little different.

Mo’Tivity is a name created by me because I feel that my style is different from most motivational speakers.  I motivate through activity involvement.  I give my audience a kinesthetic experience so what I say will remain in their consciousness for a lifetime.  I believe people take in things better when they are involved in the experience, therefore, the activities I produce for my audience allows them to be on the complete inspirational journey with me.

BOOK ME TO COME DO A MO’TIVITY WITH YOUR GROUP:  Below you will see special topics created by me that has inspired hundreds of youth.  I can also create Mo’Tivities to fit your group’s needs.  Just ask me how.

  • Youth Leadership Workshops:
  • How do I lead, I’m only a kid? (3-4 hour workshop with luncheon)
  • At-Risk Student Workshops: How to feel empowered regardless of where you come from. (Can be tailored)
  • Youth Entrepreneurship: Being inspired to create your own business. (Can be tailored)
  • Underneath It All: Teaching the art of loving yourself from the inside out. (6 day workshop with a graduation) Designed just for girls.