Mo’Tivity Speaker


PicsArt_03-29-05.34.53Master Coach LaKendra is the creator of MO’TIVITY. She founded the word back in 2009 when she discovered that she didn’t fit into the whole “MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKER” box. She stated that she felt that her style was different from most “Motivational Speakers” because she prefers that EVERYONE in the room is moving or creating things as she guides them through various topics. Growing-up with a learning disability – being diagnosed with an Attention Deficit Disorder as early as age 6 years old, she understands that not everyone learns the same, and she gives her audience a kinesthetic, auditory, and visual experience. She said, “I believe people take in things better when they are involved in the experience, therefore, the activities I produce for my audience allows them to be on the complete inspirational journey with me. It is really their energy that drives me.”

A motivational speaker or inspirational speaker is a speaker who makes speeches intended to motivate and/or inspire an audience. Coach LaKendra is not a “Speechy type of presenter.”

BOOK Coach LaKendra for a MO’TIVITY: Send an email to

For youth signature events: Below you will see special topics created by her that has inspired hundreds of youth. She can also tailor or create a Mo’Tivity to fit your group’s needs. Just ask how?

  • Youth Leadership Workshops: (Anything that falls under emotional intelligence.)
  • At-Risk Student Workshops: How to feel empowered regardless of where you come from. (Can be tailored)
  • Underneath It All: Teaching the art of loving yourself from the inside out. (6 day workshop with a graduation) Designed just for girls.